We have Agriculture Jobs Available

In the autumn of 2010, owners of farms in the west coast of United States posted an advertisement that hired a few thousand agriculture workers with the wage of $10 hourly. They only got seven people signed up. That news made me understand Americans more. Americans don’t do some work even though they have no jobs, no shelter and no food because they know that their government will take care of them anyway. Our government meanwhile giving out huge unemployment fund and doing nothing either. They even do not assist people to fill in opening jobs. Under the bad economic situation, all they did were creating debt, printing dollars, giving out unemployment fund and forcing the other country to change their currency rate. Still jobs go all over the world but do not come back to the United States. It is the high salaries and different kind of insurance that Americans need frustrate our business companies. Jobs that cannot move out of this country, such as agriculture jobs are hiring illegal immigrant workers for it. Americans gave up jobs in either ways.
Why are there jobs and nobody likes to do it? Agriculture is more and more important today for natural disasters occurred frequently on the Earth. In 2010, U.S agriculture exports increased 5% with the total amount of 113 billion dollars. Grain that the Chinese imported was increased from 14 billion dollars to 15 billion dollars. This demand will be continually increased in the future. China has about 20% population of the earth. Things that they need will become short in the world earlier or later. For seeking profit, the Chinese are unwilling to plant grain today. In China, one acre field only creates 500 RMB profit ($80) per year and that amount is 4% of a factory worker’s annual income. In 2010, the companies in China have difficulties collecting grain from their peasants.
Since agriculture can bring in profit for us we have reason to develop it and expect jobs from that field. Our government should use some of the bailout funds and unemployment funds to improve the agriculture working environments. We should build up decent living facilities and design different kinds of entertainment programs. We should set up connections and help people to find jobs not only in the cities, in the towns but in the countries. This is an age that has internet and TV. I strongly believe that as long as we have delicious food (by using organic material), have companies (soul mates) and have fresh air life will be fine. In Israel there are farms(kibbutzim) that provide people houses, furniture, clothes and food for free. People meanwhile work for the farm for free. If we have free housing in farms, basing on the 10$ hourly salary rate working 5 hours will be enough to maintain a basic life for us. When we have nineteen hours to entertain ourselves everyday life should not be considered tough.
We can use our grain to exchange for oil and other raw material from the Middle East and Africa. The price of oil can be increased from 12$ per barrel to over 100$ per barrel as well as the price of grain. When time comes we will without mercy and go ahead to collect our dollars back. We are not printing dollars any more. We work hard and we do what people are unwilling to do. We therefore have grain on hand. Grain with a decent price will bring in appropriate profit for us.
We need to improve our agriculture environment and create new life style for Americans as well. This is not an easy project and should be considered part of the green revolution that Obama promotes. It needs our government to plan it. It needs our business to fund it and it needs Americans to participate in it. This should be a project for the whole society and can be considered a socialist project.
My ideas in this blog might sound crazy. The financial difficulty we encounter today is much more serious than we believe. Ordinary ways such as lowering the interest rate, stimulating consumption, and printing dollars cannot help us to solve the problems. We have to use some unusual ways to deal with things even though we are considered crazy by people who live in the box.

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