Sit down and Negotiate

“Sit down and negotiate” is a suggestion from the Chinese to solve the crisis in Korea. Unfortunately, being back up by the United States, North Korea and Japan refused to do it.

In the end of November of 2010, U.S had a four days military exercise with South Korea. Right after that U.s had another eight days military exercise with Japan. In the exercise they sent out four hundred airplanes and 60 military ships. They then had another exercise in some day of December. Reason that North Korea bombed North Korea exactly because they made too many military exercises near their borders.

We can picture things happen in the street like this: three people who claim that they are good guys and surround a bad guy. They constantly waving fits and laughing at the bad guy’s face. If the bad guy lost control and fight back, we cannot say that it is entirely the bad guy’s fault. Can’t we? This is what the American do in Asian. United some people and make provocations in front of another country’s door. Now we telling Japan and Korea don’t sit down to make any negotiations.

With the excuse of catching Ben Latin we sent troop to Afghan. Taliban once asked for negotiation and agreed to send Ben Latin to the United Nations. Their suggestion was ignored by the United States then. Ten years after today, after losing so many lives and spent so much fund in the war Afghan government has to sit down and talk with Taliban. Suddam Jose asked for negotiation as well. We rejected him and excused him. So many years after he died his people still fight for him. We have no way to stop the conflicts there. Now, Iraq government has no choice but sits down and talks with its opponents. American got no benefit from these two wars except the Warmongers. We don’t mind that a war will last there forever because the bombs are not hitting our homeland. What a dirty thing we are doing.

This time things are little different. Right after the conflict occurring in Korean the United States reached the highest trade deal in history with Korean. It relates to 25,000 American cars and trucks importing to Korea in the next 8 years. It is said U. S will get 70,000 jobs back for that deal. American taxpayers lost money in Korea war, Vietnam War Iraq war and Afghanist war. Now we finally get benefits. Our provocations give warmonger profits and we have jobs as well.

Japan and Korea believe being back up by the United State and showing all those airplanes and military ships in Yellow sea they will get what they want. I hope they understand one thing: military exercises create provoke and cause wars. Bombs in the war can never reach the home land of the United States but will hit Soul and Tokyo. Lives in North Korea are not as valuable as democracy countries. Before they sink they will hit you back desperatly. There are so many people living in such a small places as Soul and Tokyo they cannot sustain modern war.

United States obviously is considering the Chinese as their enemy. South Korea so depend on the United States will offend the Chinese. The Chinese might prefer to keep North Korea because they don’t like to see a strong unite Korea that listens only to The United States. They might not only help North Korea to develop nuclear weapons they will help Iron as well. Pushing the Chinese to the other side will make the United State become a big loser. Since the United States considers the Chinese is their enemy, the Chinese has no choice but play in the role as an enemy. It is nothing wrong to be the enemy of a country that constantly creates wars in the world and rob the world by printing dollars. the U.S government will become the enemy of the whole world soon for they don’t like to see our world has peace. As American we should stop things happen before that.

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  1. Zineb says:

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