What are they doing?

In this article I am going to tell what are some people doing. Those are the people who I concerned and things they did can be enlightening for us.
Case One
Thousands of American soldiers come back from the front. Their regular lives once were interrupted because of joining the army. The wars frustrated them and broke their hearts. Now they are facing difficulty such as having no jobs. It is said veteran’s unemployment rate is 35% and almost ten thousand of them have no homes.
Colin Archipley went Iraq for three times. After leaving the army he and his wife bought a farm in South California and named it Archi’s Acres. They grow organic living basil, cilantro, dill lettuce there and sell their products to local stores. They found out that plants have the results of therapy. They set training program to help the other returning veterans to transition back into the normal lives as well as in sustainable agriculture.
When everybody is looking jobs in the market they create their own jobs. Not only that they support the others. They don’t mind that their training courses might create components. They make my idea of developing agriculture become practical.
Those young men once fought together in the front and the environment made them tend to concern each other. Now they learn how to grow business together and get wealth from our land together. For the experiences they had in the wars they must know the value of peace and the meaning of lives. Let us applause for their recovering, for their growths and for their working together. I believe they will do a lot more things in the future because the wars make them contemplated the meaning of live seriously. Seeking for peaceful lives and obtaining agriculture products from lands will eventually built up a brand new life style for mankind. When they are doing something for this society their broken heart will be able to heal.
Case two
A blood cancer patient from Sheng Zheng China, Zheng Wen Ling, built up a company with over one thousand employees. 99% of them disable people, an accountant lost an arm or a secretary lost both palms. He himself prepares to die the next day because patients like him usually die before 48 years old and he is 56 years old already. He said that he have got more than he deserved, a longer life and a big kingdom for disability people.

He built up a business in internet that made soft ware and carton video. Before that he committed suicide for three times for he could not find a job and he didn’t know the meaning of his life. Watching T.V and reading newspaper at home make him feel was living in vain. He connected four other disability people through internet and set up their business. Now they are not only pay their employee salaries they provide shelters and food for them. They said it is easier for them to take care of disability people in their company than the regular companies because they have all the convenient facilities. They are going to promote this kind of business concept in the national wide or even in the worldwide. Financially independent gives them confidant and dignity. Living in that way is obviously happier than living in wealth fare.
I concern the people I mention above because their lives are tough than the others. I respect them because they live in a beautiful way no matter how difficult their lives are. In the beginning I meant to put them together with the people I mentioned in How are Them? You still can make a compare between them. Can’t you?

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  1. Vest says:

    क ष णम र त न कह कह थ क , यद नद क र स त म प रक त कई तरह क ब ध ए रखद त भ नद उस स र स त न कलकर स गर तक पन ह च ग , क य क प रक त क अवर ध हम र ल ए अवर ध द खत ह परन त वह उसक ल ए सहय ग ह , और यद हम ग ग क र ह म ब ध बन द त वह ज र र र क ज य ग क य क हम र व च रध र व र ध क ह , म झ कह नह लगत क सम भ ग अथव समल ग कत कह य क स तरह स ग लत ह , और अगर यह ग लत ह त इसक आध र ध र म क न त य तथ उसक ढ र पर ब ठ सम ज ह ह तथ और क ई प ख त प रम ण हम द ह नह सकत क समल ग कत क स तरह स ब र ह , वह बस हम र स स क त तथ धर म क ख ल फ ह , हम र सम ज क ख ल फ ह , उस स स क त क ज पत थर क तरह एक जगह पर जम ह ई ह न ह ब लत ह न चलत ह न ब त करत ह न ह उसम नएपन क ख श ब ह , और रह ब त प श च त य क त वह हम र हम श स आदत ह रह ह , क हम न म च मस क क प ण न स त लन करत म ल ज त ह और यह त लन व द र ह क ज म न ह त ह अच छ न ष कर ष ह , व श ल षण ह ..सभ क छ अच छ ह और ब न द भ अच छ उठ य ह , स थ ह अ त म द य अ ग र ज़ क म ह वर भ ब हतर न ह Nishant kaushik..

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