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From 1978 to 1984, as a witness author Pia Fields saw how a Chinese astronomer, Shao Kang Jie(1011-1077), predicted our life through his formula and a book. Since then she contemplates why life events are predetermined and shares her scientific conclusions with you in this book. Pia grew up in the Chinese Cultural Revolution. That environment

freed her from conditions and made her concerned with world affairs. She was a news editor from 1974-1980 in Hong Kong. She finished college in New York City in her late thirties. She struggles for thirty years to announce a little-known truth: Life events are predestined and can be predicted by formulas. She is an accountant now. She likes painting and even wrote songs against wars.

How life events were predestined

Based on an individual’s birth time (up to five minutes apart) Shao Kang Jie’s formula helps us to look up sentences from his book that tell us our life’s journey. For example, it writes:

“The person born at this moment should have a father who died with his eyes open.”

At the time this person was born, his or her father had already died; and he died in an unusual way (In real life the lady’s father was executed by the government.)

The book lists the years in which our direct family members were born.

It also describes our marriage status and careers.

Many of Shao’s amazing predictions are disclosed in this book.

Why life events are predestined?

Pia believes that time not only has related intervals, it also has related traits that match the five elements( Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth). Time traits, just like the graviton, cannot be detected. It fills in our universe and changes according to the movements of planets. It penetrates our bodies and creates our magnetic fields. As the mixtures of our birth time traits and our parent’s magnetic fields, the magnetic field of a person is unique to the person, just like his DNA and fingerprint.

The change in time traits always has interactions with our personal magnetic fields. A harmonic connection will bring good luck for us and conflicts will result in bad luck. Since planet’s movements are predestined, the time traits they create are predestined. Events that happen in our lives thus are also predestined.

The scientific arguments in this book

Just as Newton ’s laws could not be applied in Einstein’s world, Einstein’s formulas of space-time would not be valid in the world of the quantum. In Tunneling and Hawking radiation, a particle could get rid of the gravity’s grip and behave as if it would be a zero mass particle. This situation would render the formula E=mc2 inapplicable as well as meaningless. Therefore we don’t need a theory such as the singularity or Big Bang to complete Einstein’s formulation. If there is an ultimate formula for describing our universe, it should be the theory of Ying and Yang. Supernatural events, confused our scientists, could be explained perfectly by the transfer phenomena between Ying and Yang. That was why the founder of quantum mechanics, Niels Bohr, once promoted the symbol of Ying Yang on his Coat of Arms.

Behaving like a negative particle, Ying would escape the influence of a gravitational field. That explains why the radio electromagnetic waves around us have lower frequency than the distant ones. At this point, Steady State theory is more convincing than the Big Bang theory. It is the expelled gravitational energy that prevents our universe space-time from contracting, and not the explosion energy from the Big Bang.

In the absence of gravitational force, mass could turn to be zero. That would make the other three forces, the electromagnetic force, the strong force, and the weak force to lose their functions as well. This is how to unify the four forces and this is how the gravitational force is dominant over the other three forces.

When sensing and transmitting signal, neuron transmitters make cells fire one after another. That means the speed of every single neuron transmitter equals to 0.001 second divided by the number of cells that are involved with the signal transferring. Such kind of speed could be faster than light. That can explain why most of the supernatural events are related to psychic energy but not physical energy.

How does this book relate to moral?

Life is predetermined means that what we can obtain in our lives are determined by the planets combinations at our birth. The sum of the positive things is fixed. If we over-accumulate wealth, it will shorten our happiness or even shorten our lives.

Also, God, ET and spirits existing in the world of Ying are watching us from three feet above. They can make us pay for our sins by changing events that are also formed by Yin.

Based on this point, Pia believes mankind should learn how to live peacefully, happily with low consumption but not seek high GDP. She condemns warmongers who create wars to sell weapons, regardless of the human lives lost in the process.

Table of Contents

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Part One: Theory

1. Amazing predictions from Ancient China

2. Physics and future predicting

3. Channels to the past and future

4. Other ways of predicting the future

5. Physiological and precognition

6. Philosophy of Ying Yang and Chi

7. Chi and healing

8. Chi and supernatural events

9. How Chinese Taoists practice their theory

10. Psychic research in the Western World

11. A scientific experiment related to Chi

12. It is Chi but not the Big Bang that originated our physical world

13. Events are created by Chi and time has its traits

14. How Chi affects our life and fate

15. Why events are predestined

16. Factors that might change life events

17. A Definition of predestination

18. The point of predicting the future

Part Two: Data

19. Data about Spirits

Spirits tend to show up in dreams

Spirits can cause accidents

Spirits can convey messages

20. Date about Chi Gong

Chi Gong once researched officially in China

Chi Gong phenomenon—abstention from food

Other Chi Gong phenomena

21 Chi Gong arguments in China

People who are hostile to Chi Gong

Scientific Chi Gong researchers

Chi Gong people who believe in the occult force

22. Chi Gong practitioners who had healing power

23. A healer and the occult force

24. The psychic ability that I have heard

25. Psychic reports in ancient China

26. Psychic phenomena in the Western world

27. Prophets in history

28. Shao Kang Jie and his prediction

Learning about Shao Kang Jie

Shao Kang Jie’s predictions about my family

One sentence covers six generations

View Things from different angles

Other Shao predictions I know

29. Shao Kang Jie and his theory

Shao Kang Jie’s background

Shao Kang Jie’s teacher

Shao Kang Jie’s works and theory

Events predicted by Shao Kang Jie

The basic theory of setting up hexagrams

30. Mesages and a lesson in my life

Part Three: Data besides Data

31. Appreciation

32. Afterward

Part Four: After this book was published online

33. Promoting the book

34. More paranormal data was collected

35. Psychics’ predictions about my book

36. Doors leading to peace were closed

37. There are wars that need to be stopped

38. Plotters behind the war

39. What should we change?

40. How to deal with the Mess

41. Science should interpret and unite religions

42. The ultimate goals of my book