An Appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court & A Proposal to Our President


This book is about a ten million dollar estate. Testator Sydney Fields was born in 1918, one day after his father died from the Spanish flu that killed 25 million people in the world. Dr. Philip Groginsky risked his life to help the family and signed both the birth and death certificates. Author Pia pictured the sad scenery of a dying young father who had to leave his family behind and a mother giving birth to her baby and watching her husband’s dead body moved out. Still being stimulated by the brave and unselfish doctor, Pia jumped up to take care of the family’s grandson. She did not expect that she had to protect the family’s ten million dollar assets accumulated by the newborn baby one hundred years after the tragedy. She spent one hundred thousand dollars in legal fees and lost the case because nobody in the court gave this family a hand. She published this book to tell people what actually happened.

Medical reports and telephone conversations recorded by Vanguard proved that Sydney was blind at the time that he altered his will. No children were around him because his family relationship was messed up by his mentally ill son. By law his will is supposed to be read out loud and be confirmed by him in front of the witnesses. The witnesses are the will drafter’s wife and his neighbor. They both claimed that they never heard and never knew Sydney’s intentions in his will. Still such a will execution was considered valid by the judger. The probated will increased the petitioner’s share from one hundred thousand dollars to ten million dollars; decreased the donations from five million dollars to fifteen hundred dollars and left the Fields family nothing.

Those petitioners are the family of Sydney’s sister-in-law. Sydney never spent overnight in their home. He hardly met most of them in the last thirty years. They could not explain why Sydney never gave his wife more than five million dollars but gave all his ten million dollars to those nieces-in-laws. They have no audio or videotape as proof and just have the will drafter mentioned their relationship by sworn. That sworn along with an affidavit was dismissed by the will drafter in the court hearing date. Still Judge Mella based on that affidavit to make her decision.

The appeals of this case were rejected in three courts six times. It seems our law enforcers prefer to do nothing and tend to protect each other. They care about their own dignity rather than the dignity of laws. It is their working attitude to drive people to protest in the street, not the racism. A lot of original documents in this book allow our readers to determine if perjury or forgery is involved. If this is the end of the case it will record how a ninety six year old blind man and his mentally ill son were cheated in the twenty first century of American legal history.

Some proposals related to how to reduce the government’s debt were published in this book. Pia cannot help to mention it because she believes that is the most important thing for this world. She will promote her ideas as well as this case for the rest of her life.


Why Lifes Events Are Predestined and How Our Universe Originated


For eight years Pia witnessed how。 a Chinese book was used to predict peoples’ fortunes. The astronomer Shao Kang Jie (1011-1077) composed his prediction basing you people’s birth minutes. Follow his formula you can pick up you information in his book. Including the birth years of you parents, children, sibling and spouse.

Pia applied Ying Yang theories to explain such a predestine and used that to interpret our universe as well. Yang are all things in our physics universe. Ying is something that cannot be detected by the particle detector however it makes the God, ET, spirits, our souls, and aura. It creates supernatural events and exists as nothing. Ying originates our universe. There were not such things as the Big Bang.

Pia believes Ying tremendously impacts and determines our lives. Ying, seeking in the universe, has a property that was covered by the five elements. Those elements are changed every minute according to the planets’ movements. It penetrated into our body at the minute we were born and creates our auras. How balanced and how strong those auras determines how successful our lives are. People who were born about the same time but have different lives is because aura can be as typical as fingerprints.

Aura continues to interact with the changed planets’ radiation and impact our lives. Since the planets’ movement are predestined things that happen in our lives are predestined. Our aura cannot sustain more than we deserve. The sum we get is like a math formula with the sum unchanged, More fortune means less happiness and health.

Only God or spirits can change our lives because they are existing in the world of Ying. They are everywhere and watch what we do and they are and make us pay for our sin. That’s why we should behave ourselves and plan our lives wisely. Ying Yang theory is the ultimate law that scientists are looking for. Pia announces the truth in this book.

Fight for a better world
How to reduce government’s debt

U. S Government’s debt was 28 trillion dollars in 2021 June and it will increase rapidly in the future. How to solve the problem becomes crucial. It looks like the capitalist ideologies could not function anymore because they are outdated. The interest rate dropped to zero and still nothing has improved. The Western governments’ welfare systems are bankrupt and they can no longer stop the poor protest and commit crimes in the street. Market’s auto-adjustment, based on supply and consumption, cannot provide enough jobs to support 7.5 billion populations on earth. Refugees and illegal immigrants are everywhere and create hate in this world. Capitalist competitions cause countries to fight for resources, markets and high-tech. Peace is disappearing day by day and it looks like we are already in a war. We not only lost our peaceful lands we also lost our assets because printing money makes the $ devaluated. The rich and the poor are actually in the same boat, a boat that we do not know where it will go and if it will sink.

For managing this world government should practice both Socialism and Capitalism: involving itself in peoples’ lives more just like what the socialists claim; seeking capital return as what capitalists suggest; stop providing free lunch and stop acting as a super welfare distributor or consumer

Government can get help form civilization, manufacturing and farms, build living centers by joint-ventures. Use that to perform public assistance or collect rent.

1.Centers for retired people can be built near the cities. They allow the registered to move in with friends or family members who are over 55 years old. The younger residents can home care the older ones in exchange for the same service when they get old. In this way the Government can save huge funds from home care. Retiring at 55 years old, people can enjoy life before getting old and leave jobs open in the market meanwhile. The same facilities cost a few thousand dollars for a studio in the cities however centers in the suburbs will charge only one thousand dollars for that. Rent will be deducted from residents’ social security checks and reduce the expenses of the social security system in the long term. In this picture, government is a landlord backed up by thousands of retired people. It can triple up the investment with thirty years as long as centers provide a decent environment and activities.

2.Centers for welfare assistance can also be considered as domes for the factories or farms that are the joint-ventures with the government. Residents (can be the illegal immigrants) must work 40 hours weekly for the free housing, food, transportation, medical service and pocket money. Kibbutzim collective farms in Israel prove that this ideology is practical. People have everything they need plus leisure time to play poker, cards, sports, sing and dance together. They don’t have high paying jobs but are compensated by entertainments. Only the low salary rate can help manufacturers to move back to the United States and provide jobs for the market.

Government’s medical teams will service in these centers. Students who have potential will receive scholarship from the government and have free courts from the medical colleges. They have to provide service in return. In this way government can avoid medical billing being overcharged.

I keep mentioning about building the live centers because that can help us solve the shelter, Medicare, transportation and TV, WiFi problems easily. Those expenses are equal 80% of a family’s income.

These proposals, guiding by a new philosophy, will tremendously impact our social structures and lifestyles. Whether it works or not depends on management. The government can get help from colleges and release educational funds for their involvement. Students will consider that as projects, learn how to manage the society, deal with life problems but not just memorize formulas in textbooks.

In the picture, we give up capitalist consumption because life can still be happy without shopping. We will work but not like robots. For us success doesn’t mean making good money and having big consumption. It means obtaining the most pleasure with the lowest cost and making others happy. When our new generation change their seeking the whole world will be changed. It doesn’t need bloody revolution, dictatorship, or street riots. In China many young people have resisted capitalist ideology by rejecting schedules with 72 working hours weekly and instead minimizing their consumption. They call that “lying down”

My proposal gives up capitalist competition ideology as well. Competition creates angry losers in our society and causes countries to fight for markets and resources in our world. For helping mankind to survive we combine both the capitalist and socialist ideologies. If conflicts between these two systems are reduced our military budget will become unnecessary.

When the cost for medical care, home care, public assistance, social security and the military are reduced the government’s budget will be decreased tremendously.