Refugees from Iraq died in the sea near Australia

All these years we only hear refugees from the communist countries were died in the way of seeking freedom. Today we see refugees were died for escaping from wars — wars that created by a country that practices freedom and democracy.

Ten days before the Christmas of 2010, in Christmas Island Flying Fish Cove near Australia, a boat with 80 refugees was smashed onto rocks in heavy wave and sank. It caused twenty seven people died and ten people disappeared. Many of them were children.

People mentioned about the horrible scenery: some 3 or 4 years old children were holding something and asked for help. Since the wave was up to 4 feet high and rescuers can do nothing but watch the children die. People couldn’t even catch floats that were one meter away from them. All the refugees were from Iraq where is having a war since Sep, 11, 2001.

In Oct, 2001, right after wars occured a boat with 421 refugees from Iraq and Afghan sank on the way to Australia. Three hundred fifty three people died in the accident and 146 of them were children. We hardly see refugees from Middle East and Afghan until Bush’s Government creating wars over there for protecting American’s homeland. Iraq and Afghan have a lot of resources that can maintain good life for their people. If there were no wars those refugees didn’t have to leave their homes and died in the sea. Bush still believes that the ways he catching Bend Laden were right. He published a book with a few hundred pages to defend the wars he launched and make good money on that.

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  1. Imam says:

    Lynnnette: “For the US to grant asylum on the basis of reigoilus persecution would be to admit that the government of Iraq is unable to control the situation, thus jeopardizing the pullout of our troops. Not politically popular for the Obama administration. And, to be fair, not politically popular for the Bush administration either.”I guess not. We did take in more Iraqis to Sweden during the dark years of 2006-2007 than the entire USA did, by far, and we’re a 9 million population. As I remember it it was only Sweden and the Netherlands that granted Iraqis who fled the violence asylum by default back then, and no country does so now. Of course we only got the ones who could finance/organise a trip here with the aid of human trafickers. I don’t really know about Syria and Jordan that received the bulk of fleeing Iraqis but it seems to me that those countries did not really grant asylum rights, but that the many Iraqis who fled there are what we refer to as illegal immigrants or stay on temporary visas. I could be wrong on that.But it does raise the question:IF we assume that christian Iraqis might not have a futute in Iraq, what are their options and what responsibility does other countries have to take them in?I think that Sweden would be reluctant to open up the borders once again to Iraqis as we now receive so many from Somalia, Afghanistan and also from the Balkans (romas). Much of Europe is in the process of restricting immigration, not taking on more refugees/immigrants. The borders of Europe as a whole are slowly closing.So, what are the real options for Iraqi christians today?To be realistic I think that staying on in Iraq will be the only option for most.

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