The Chinese were from Deneb

If you are interested about the message sent out by RA Material in the book of “Law of One” you should spend time to consider what I present here.

I absolutely trust information proved by Don Elkins, Carla Ruecker and Jim McCarty in their book “Law of One”. The opinions expressed by RA Material were beyond the standards of mankind and carried a lot of wisdom. We discussed the function of priests. It said that priests should ‘come to the world for learning” however since priests act as leaders in the religious governor structure ….. “The difficulties became apparent.” What a beautiful sad comment RA Material made here! He didn’t attack or curse those priests but felt sorry for the difficulties they created today for mankind.

When discussing the “root of thought that created the possibility of disease” on the Earth RA Material made a very brief and clear comment about mankind’s shortcomings and we don’t even realize that today. He said, “The root cause in this particular society was not so much a bellicose action, but rather the formation of a money system and a very active trading and development of those tendencies towards greed and power.” Up to today we still encourage trading and seek profits. We believe that way our world will get developed. As we satisfy our unlimited greed our government, our banks and our people are bankrupt. We are in big trouble and we still don’t know what happened.

Another message that they conveyed was related to the Chinese and it involved only one sentence in a book that had a few hundred pages.

Law of One was written in the age of the 1980s when China was still a poor country. The authors of the book meant to ask:” Was any great civilization developed in this circle? Below is RA Material’s answer:” In the sense of greatness of technology there were no great societies during this cycle. There was some advancement among those of Deneb who had chosen to reincarnate as a body in what you would call China.” Authors of “Law of One” simply recorded what RA Material said and didn’t pay attention to that. Today when we look back on what it said we have to admit its ruthlessness.

As a Chinese I don’t mean to tell you that the Chinese are from a developed planet and they are more clever. I just hope this world pays more attention to the Chinese culture. Maybe from there we can find ways to solve the problem we encounter. Up to now we just cover our financial problem but never solve them. Our banks and government still have big deficits. Our market still doesn’t have enough jobs to back up peoples’ spending. If to create jobs we make people consume resources in our globe those resources will be used up soon. We have no choice. We need a new philosophy to manage this world and that philosophy was presented in the Chinese culture.

Another knowledge that can help us is Chinese medical theory. In April, 2011 I saw our lawmakers discuss cutting the government’s budget. Their method included letting the private companies run Medicare and letting the States handle Medicaid. They just throw the balls from here to there and didn’t concern themselves about how to actually bring the medical cost down. Medical cost in the United State will eventually make our economy collapse. Today an individual American needs to pay about one thousand dollars for regular medical insurance. That amount is more expensive than housing expenses. Our employers will cut jobs when they can’t offer to pay medical insurance for their employees which is what our law demands.

I have some introductions related to Chinese culture in my book “Why Life Events are Predestined and How Our Universe Originated.” I will try to write more in this blog later. Before that I hope you change the standard of evaluating a culture.

1) We should not condemn Chinese culture because it didn’t contain enough Western scientific concepts and knowledge.
2) We should not condemn Chinese culture because it didn’t turn China into a developed country.
3) We should not overlook Chinese culture because the Chinese government does not enforce democracy like we did.
4) We should not condemn the Chinese because they didn’t spend money like we did.

With that in mind you will be benefit from my articles that I am going to compose later.

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  1. Esther Dafna says:

    I too am reading “The RA Contact” and find its profoundness scintillating. That line concerning the Chinese originating from Deneb also fascinated me as the culture posits wisdom that seems to have been way before its time and without a plausible linear progression as to its development.

    Looking forward to you analysis and insight into the vastness of Chinese culture and history.

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