A letter to Politicians

October 31st, 2011  / Author: Pia Fields

Dear Senators and Congressman:
My name is Pia Field. I write this letter for promoting a better job plan. It includes two key points:
1) If we can not supply job positions for our market we should decrease its jobs demand. Unemployment problem is a global problem because populations in this world have being increased 75% since 1975 and free trade makes us faced the situation earlier. Stimulating consumption sent us to a wrong direction because it is imposable to use Americans’ fund to solve a global problem. Besides that resource on the Earth does not allow us to continually throw away things like that. It needs four global to support human being living in the American consuming styles.
2) We should turn the government’s funds to be properties and obtain incomes in long run. Repairing roads, bridges and schools is not a good idea because after projects are done, funds are used up and there will be no more jobs. Maybe that is the reason that Republicans against Obama’s job plan. Obama should find a better job plan instead of creating conflicts between parties that Americans cannot offer to take.
The job plan I promote here has three different benefits that is turn the government’s funds to be retirement homes. The 470 billion dollars Government job plan fund can build up 20 thousand retirement homes with 100 units each near cities. That project allows us to provide free rental instead of releasing social security checks to 20 million people who willing to retire earlier. On that way we can have 20 million job positions open to the younger people immediately and the construction process will create 5 million jobs as well.
People are afraid of loneliness particular when getting old. In New York City a half room cost $3,000 in senior centers and cost $15,000 in nursing homes per month. Comparing with that a studio with $700 dollar monthly rental in retirement homes where have excellent entertaining programs should be acceptable in the market. If we run the program well in three years government can get the investment back. In thirty years a retirement home can save $20 million dollars Social Security funds for the government and solve the deficit problem for the system. The profit is so big because entertainment programs increase the apartments’value in the suburb. People in Taiwan are willing to pay double rental for this kind of facilities. In our picture actual asset are created by entertainment designer but not the weapon designers.
We don’t force people retire but encourage them enjoy life before they getting old. People can invited qualify friends and family members to register in the retirement homes where will have a trip once a week. People can also register in different states and consider taking long vacations in the places they like. The Chinese retire at 55 years old. How can we say that our system is better than theirs when Americans have to work to 67 years old and leave our youths no jobs?
On whole this project will make government become the #1 landlord instead of the # 1consumer. Its tenants are the people who received social security checks. The excess properties in the real estate market can be sold to foreigners who have right to live in this country but get no permit to work.
For more details please visit whydestiny.com

A letter to Wall Street Protesters

October 21st, 2011  / Author: Pia Fields

It is getting cold! Rich people don’t mind your people die in the park. They give up any benifit unless the laws force them. For winning this war we have to focus on setting up laws. have to take care of ourselves well and prepare fight in long run. Please go home to work in front of the computers instead of sitting in the Park.
Right now we need a government to perform some socialist policies and has capitalist profit concept as well, such as build up retirement homes. Arrange retire and arrange jobs in the farms. Collect more tax from the rich people and control the percentage of their earning. China made good development in the last thirty years because as a socialist country the government owns all the oil and other businesses that make good profit. If distribute the asset of the government own business today, each Chinese can have two hundred fifty thousand RMB. Unfortunately, each Americans has to pay $60 thousand if share our government loan. It is because our government only spends money and has no profitable businesses. Government even has no concept of making profit.
Obama hopes changes comparing with Republicans. He is just not smart enough to make things done. It is so difficult to put him in that position. We have to tell him what to do and force him to pass new laws to control those greedy Wall street CEO, oil families and weapon producers. We can disclose those families’ dirty corruptions in face book instead of sitting in the park in the cold weather. We should promote the idea of building retirement homes because it has three directly results of creating jobs. One job plan can take care of two generations. We don’t have rely on private businesses but directly create 5 million jobs construction jobs immediately. This project will help government to become a big landlord but not just play the role of consumer. Its tenants are people who receive social secure check. Houses in the market can be sold to foreigners. We let them live in this country legally but not give them working permit.
Please reconsider my ideas, provide free rental to encourage early retirement. It will help younger people get jobs immediately. For more information please go to whydestiny.com

A Job Plan Relates to Retirement Homes

October 17th, 2011  / Author: Pia Fields

Recently I am in the park near Wall Street to promote my job plan – build retirement homes. I told people come to my website to know more details.

Basing on my estimate, Obama’s current job plan fund, $470 billion can build 20 thousand retirement homes with 100 unites near cities. How to convince people give up their jobs and live in the retirement homes for free is the major problem. I explain my concepts as below:

1. Retirement home is not nursing home although it has the function of nursing home. Its members are not old enough to wait for dying but young enough to enjoy life.

2. People are not paying $3,000 to $15,000 for half room, but have their own apartment with kitchen and have rent paid by government’s Social Security checks. (Government switch itself from consumer to landlord on this job plan.)

3. Retirement homes are not in the country but are near the cities and have trips to here or there every week.

4. Retirement homes have different recreation and entertaining programs, singing, dancing, cooking play poker or chess. People need pocket money can work part time there. If people take care of older members certain hours a day, they will get the service when they get old.

5. People can register into retirement homes in any cities and live there with their qualify friends. Retirement homes have different kind of levels and can be managed by different companies, organizations schools or race.

6. People are afraid of lonely when they get old. Retirement homes exactly solve such problem. So it should be welcomed in the market .

This job plan doesn’t have to rely on private companies. It is controlled by the government directly and can create 5 million jobs immediately.

A disgusting price increase

September 29th, 2011  / Author: Pia Fields

According to a survey made by the Kaiser Family Foundation the cost of health insurance for annual family premiums jumped 9% in 2011 up to $ 15,000. The increase for singlypremiums is 8% and the increase for 2010 was only 3% to 5%. It is said in the United States health insurance’s premiums have doubled in the last 10 years, meanwhile salaries just increased 34%. Health insurance comednies had good earnings even in the bad economic situation. The increasing they had is not monitored by any government agency.
The above increase affects employers who provide health insurance to their workers. In the last few years we see how hard Obama tried to make people and companies buy health insurance but we never see him protect consumer’s benefits in the field. His insurance plan had never questioned the rate increase of the health insurance premiums. It is shame that this country allows those rich people to steal the public money in this way. They are telling us: Your lives are valuable then pay whatever we made you pay. Our economy will collapse because of this health care system. Our Medicaid and Medicare fund is nearly bankrupt because of this health care system and we did nothing to control it. All Obama did is to make more people enroll in the health care system. He even wants to shift the government’s responsibility and let the private companies control the market and make a profit from the public.
Our public and business are being kidnapped and blackmailed by a small group of people in the medical field. Obama forces us to pay for the blackmail. How can Obama expect employers to create new jobs when they are forced to pay a $15,000 healthy insurance premium for their employees besides the salaries they pay?

Obama’s smartness and dumbness

September 24th, 2011  / Author: Pia Fields

In September, 2011, Obama proposed another job plan that involves $447 billion. This time he didn’t just spend the money but he cares about where to get the funds. He was going to eliminating $467 billion in tax breaks for rich Americans and corporations. As a presidend for three years he did something smarter finally. I don’t mean that his job plan is smart; I just believe that he found his place to deal with Republicans and make himself win either way.

Congressional Democrats plan to raise payroll taxes on those making more than $250,000 a year . If they win they get the funds for their job plan and gain good reputations. If they lost because of the resistance from the Republicans they still win. They prove to the world that Republicans represent only the rich people and do not deserve to be trusted by the majority. In that way Obama will win in the coming presidential election. It is said his approval rating got a small lift following his jobs plan. It went up from 45% to 47%. When Republicans accuse him of creating conflicts between classes he answered them that increasing rich people’s tax is just mathematics. In some way he admitted that he lacked mathematics concepts in the last three years because he just spent money and don’t care about where to get the funds.

If he uses more mathematics calculations he should also care about how to maximize the results of the job plans. Make them not just spend money but bring in profit for the government at the same time. Right now he still looks dumb because of his jobs plan. In his last job plan he simply gave out a bail out. This time he made some investments. However the investments are without profit or return. In some way they are still some kind of spending.

Below are the components of his proposal:
Spend $175 billion for a one-year extension and expansion of employee payroll tax. This spending creates no profit for the government but only gives employee little bit more bring home income in certain time of pereiod.

Spend $65 billion toward small businesses that hire more workers and spend $35 billion to save jobs for teachers, firefighters and police officers. He doesn’t care if those businesses are actually hiring more workers. He can’t guarantee that after $100 billion is spent those job positions will still be there.

He will spend $30 billion to modernize schools and community colleges and spend $50 billion to invest in highways, transit, rail and airports. Modernizing those facilities just creates jobs but can’t create good profits. Cars running on highways in better condition will bring up no aditional profit for the government. Better classroom environment doesn’t create more money either.

Spend $15 billion to rehabilitate vacant and foreclosed homes and $49 billion for a one-year extension of long term unemployment benefits. Only some people get help from these two components in a certain time period and its results are similar to a bail out.

On the whole after $447 billion is gone the jobs it created will not be able to be maintained because it creates no profit in the process. We can’t used the profit to continually run the project. That is why I said Obama is dumb. If he doesn’t realize that, his second jobs plan will be a failure just like his first jobs plan. His approval rating can’t be maintained high in the next presidential election season.

I had an opinion mentioned in my previous articles. Obama should investment in the projects that can bring in profit for the government such as building up government’s own properties to collect rents. Using these properties we can encourage earlier retirement and leave job positions open for the youths. We can provide free shelters instead of releasing social security checks or public assistant checks every month. In that way the governement can save money in the long term.