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Remember those died because of 9/11

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

In 9/11 anniversary most of us have memorials for people who died in 9/11, but prefer not to mention those died because of 9/11. In the last ten years, there were 919,967 people died in Afghanistan and Iraq for the wars we created since 9/11. Amount them 5,932 were our young troops. Beside that more than one million seven hundred forty thousand people were wounded seriously. Comparing with the above data the number of death 2,753 in World Trade Centers is not significant. Mentioning people who died because of 9/11 can makes us reconsider the way that our government handled 9/11 issue. If they believe lives are valuable, why they continently make people died in those wars. I always wonder if victims in 9/11 know so many people died because their death, what would they think.
9/11 had something to do with Americans’ position in the Middle East. Before died bin Latin mentioned about establishing Palestine country. He said because their demand was ignored, they used bombs. Today there are over 100 countries in this world support Palestine to become Unite Union member. The Untied States still against it and maybe this is why we were attacked.
Our determination of supporting Israel pushes us to the front. We have to prepare for the attacked we might receive in the conflicts. There is no merciful in wars and nobody will accept rules set by the others. You bomb your enemies openly doesn’t mean that your enemies will not gave you a terrorist attack particularly when their military power was not as strong as yours. Because of that, 9/11 occurred.
Actually 9/11 gave us a very important lesson and unfortunately we still couldn’t fully understand it today. Terrorists are dangers because they are in the dark and we are in the light. It don’t need nuclear bombs, this world can be destroyed just by fire and gasoline. It is not difficult for terrorists to burn the forest, cars, houses and stores by just setting fires. We are too innocent if we believe that we can destroy territories by bombing them. Maybe the fires this country had in last few years, particular after bin Latin died were set by terrorists. We dare not admit that were terrorists’ attacks because that will create panic. It means that we even cannot say anything when we are being attacked. Can we say we are the winner at this kind of situation?

Recently we support bombing Libya and help rebels control that country. People all knew that some important leaders for the rebels once were territories. It is said after Gadarfy retreated twenty thousand missiles were disappeared. Territories like missiles the most. They prefer to control a country more than hind in mountains. They obviously meet their goal in Arab spring. Recently ( Sep 13, 2011) they declared that how much they like Arab spring. They are too strong to be eliminated now.
If we are intelligent, we should change our way of eliminating terrorists. Instead of destroying them physically, we should change them mentally. As long as we wouldn’t support Israel without conditions we can make the terrorists change their mind in overnight. Most of the places in this world will be peaceful in overnight.
The threads from extreme Muslims against this world should be released by Muslims people themselves. We can leave them alone as long as them don’t attack us. When they feel no pressure from the outside world they will have room and time to reevaluate their extreme doctrine. Women will demand for the right of driving, youths will asks for the right of hanging out in bars. It doesn’t need wars and fights. When the old generations are die and the new generation become the masters the world will be changed automatically. We don’t need bombs and guns to change their faith. All we needs are music, Coca-Cola, I pad things that convey Western culture.
Americans should reevaluate their ways of handling problems in this world. We should not support one side to attack another side. We should not set up enemy and create wars because only weapon makers get benefit in wars. Wars harm American obviously particulate wars for anti-territories. Territories claimed that ten dollars they spent would exhaust our one million dollars. They meet their goal. If Americans believe we can beat terrorists by bombs we will lose more and lose badly.

How to create jobs in the U.S

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

A report shown that no jobs were added in August 201l—which hasn’t happened since 1945. For almost three years Obama’s administration can not keep the unemployment rates under 9% and the real unemployment was actually over 15%. For that reason his approval rating on this issue dropped to 26%.

In Sept 4th, 2011 at an annual Labor Day rally, Obama mentioned his big plan of creating jobs again. The most dangers situation is that Obama laying no significant proposals.
1) He mentioned about tax credits for businesses that create hiring. In here we don’t know if those hiring are new and are real hiring. As a matter of a fact, from 2004-2005 big companies got 64 billion dollars tax deduction but still lay off 600 thousand workers. Obama doesn’t care the government deficit that might cause by his tax cut.
2) He said, roads and bridges nationwide need rebuilding and more than 1 million unemployed construction workers are itching to “get dirty” making the repairs. He forgot that in the U.S 14 million people are waiting for jobs but not just 1 million people. Regarding his proposal I just make two questions here: When those repairs are done are jobs positions still there? The answer must be no. Can government get profit return from those projects to run the next projects? The answer of cours are “No”. Roads and bridges that have better conditions will create no extra profit for the government as well as school renovations.

Obama has no new ideas but swears to solve the unemployment problem. For covering his weak administration he held the responsibility to the Republicans. He said “We’re going to see if congressional Republicans will put country before party.” His accuse will create conflicts in congress and solve no problem.
Regarding to Obama’s plans the Republicans worry that an unproven job project will only add to the nation’s massive debt. I don’t trust Republicans at all however at this point I understand their meaning. Obama said, “The time for Washington games is over. The time for action is now.” The yelling make him looks like a bad leader. He just calls for the action and refuse to know what make the Republican hesitate. He is too lazy to find out proposals that can attract both parties. He simply wants to boost employment immediately by spending money.

I have proposals for creating jobs and can satisfy the both parties.

1) Let government jobs be shared by people and let taxpayers’ funds benifit as more people as possible. Decrease government workers’working hours but not their salary rate. Give them more time to enjoy life as their compensation income reduces. On that way we can create one million jobs immediately.
2) Build retirement homes and provide them as free housing for people who agree to retire early. We have more than 30 million people at the age range from 55 years to 68 years. Obama’s recent job plan of a $470 billion budget can build about 20 thousand retirement homes with 100 units each near big cities. The projects will create a over five million construction jobs immidiately. If we provide good recreation and entertaining programs in those retirement homes, we can encourage 20 million people to retire and open the positions for younger workers. In China people retire at 55 to 60 years old. In the Untied State old people have to hang there to work and younth have no jobs to do. How can we say that our system is better than theirs.
In the market today, half room in a nursing home cost $15,000 a month. Half room in a senior citizen home cost $3000 a month. That means a free apartment for subtitution of $800 Social Security payment will be welcomed in the market. People who need pocket money can work part time in the retirement homes. People over 68 years old will get balance of their retirment check beside the free rental. People who refuse to join the plan get no benefit before 68 years old.
According to my stimate one retirement centers that cost 2.5 million dollars construction fee can bring in 20 million dollars incomes for the government in 30 years. That is a way to make profit. In this way we turn funds for job plan into government own properties — retirement homes instead of simply spending them. In long ren, we can improve social security deficit by using this free rental.
Salary rate in the United State is much higher than many countries. That is why our jobs are moved to oversea. When failing to increase jobs in this market we can splitting jobs. We can decrease salary by reducing job hours and increasing entertainment time. People might get poor financially but they will be enrich because they have more time to enjoy life. There is a compensation to make my proposal practical.

Terrorists’ Smart Approaching

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

In the end of Aug 2011, Libyan rebels occupied Tripoli. They did it easily than people imagined. Gaddafi didn’t resist as what him declared. It is said when rebels got into Tripoli, thousands of Muslims ran out from temples where they were gather together in to assist the attacks. When they did it they call the name of Allah. It created a picture of Muslim revolution. On the way they marching to Tripoli, rebels had little food and water yet they fought at the temperature of C40 degreed. These people made me think of the powerful of religion faith. Rebels obviously are driven by Allah. No people would like to fight like that just for democracy and freedom.
The resistances from Gaddafi were weak. Part of the reason is that his motivation is not strongly involve to religion as what the rebels had. He had his own style but he obviously was the enemy of rational Muslims all these years. If Obama considering anti-terrorists was Americans’ priority goal he should have turned Gaddafi to friend and used him to control Libya.
I doubt he can control the situation now. Before getting into Tripoli, rebels’ chief military commander Gen Abdel Fattah was killed. As the former military man of Gaddafi this commander had least connection with rational Muslim and being trusted by the Western powers mostly. Murdering him meant that rational Muslim desperately take the power in Libya. Their dream is to set up their own country. Living in the offices of a government which control important oil resource will be much better than hide in the mountain as mouse. Why this world didn’t get terrorist attacks after Bin Laden was killed because terrorists are doing more important things. They protest in the street, overthrowing the current government and approach to the powers step by step. Arab Spring gives them good chances to fulfill their dreams. They are doing it very carefully in Egypt. Nobody can stop them when the time comes.
Libya rebels who took power with guns will not do people want them to do easily. Western powers better prepare to deal with these people who once fought in Iraq, Afghan for their holy War. They now fight in the streets to approach the power.

There is something wrong with our politics

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Obama declared on 11, Aug 2011: “There is nothing wrong with our country. There is something wrong with our politics.” He did the same thing like he did in last president campaign — seeking supporters by attacking other politicians. Again his speech always contains empty talks.
He said: “There is nothing wrong with our country.” Yes his is right but we don’t need him to tell us for that. There are never faults done by a country. In some points a country’s name is just a name. A name cannot do anything wrong. Only the politicians who control the country might do things wrong. There for the first part of his speech is a empty talk.

“There is something wrong with our politics. “ This is a tough and right statement that are not politicians usually made. He is good to point that out. However it looks like , as a leader of those politicians, he tried to get rid of his own responsibility by accusing the others. Before creating anger in the public he should know what he has done first. He was right to increase tax for the rich people. However he was so weak that proposed things in a bad time. He was wrong on refusing to cut government budgets. He also did wrong on wasting money and creating no jobs.

He continued little Bush’s tax cut policy for the rich and reduced 900 billion dollars tax income for the government. He did that only for postponing government’s unemployment payments to 99 weeks. He supported Union when state governments wanted to cut the expenses. He thought representing the Americans means fighting for the poorest people and the poorest people are those taking SSI or Medicaid people. He wouldn’t make a bit of budget cut for those related fields even though costs are indecently.
For example, nursing homes accept low come people and make the government pay 15,000 dollars for one person each month. We forget that people are not deserved high class service if they don’t have money. People are not appreciated even though government paying thirty, forty thousand dollars medical bills per year for them. Those so call poor people simply don’t want government set any ceiling for medical bills meanwhile many taxpayers never have government pay for their medical spendings. Doctors make patients check up for every a few days and charge to the government. A old lady lives with her three retired children yet she requests 24 hours home care service that cost government 70,000 dollars per year. For thirty years that person enjoys U.S governments’ benefit but never pays one penny tax. Obama refuse to cut that kind of spending when the government out of budget. He believes he doing that for protecting public’s benefits.
How Obama create jobs. Forget about what he has done. In 11, August I heard that he will give out 3 million dollars fund to increase for 150 jobs. He promises that more that kind of jobs is coming. He doesn’t care how will the company spends the money and how much is the business return for that. He has no concept about investment return. He promises to spending fund to fix highway and considers that is investment. It is obvious that cars run in better highways bring in almost no extra profit. All Obama did is to spend money and hire people. He doesn’t care how long he can provide the fund and how long the job positions will last.

Yes! It is something wrong with our polities. The Republicans are protecting the rich. Obama is protecting the poor. Nobody is protecting the Americans. Obama could not make his good proposal passed and keep those bad proposals running. That is how things happen in our political world.

A Lesson from Roit in London

Friday, August 12th, 2011

On 6th of August 2011, a peaceful protest over a police shooting turned violent in London. Within three days it became riot that caused damage for 130 billion dollars for British. Buildings and cars were burned out. Stores were robbed. During that time armored vehicles and convoys of police vans backed up 16,000 officers on duty. 1,200 people were arrested across the country including 800 in London.

The whole thing started from a black young man was killed by policemen in London’s Tottenham neighborhood. I was shock when I saw the victim’s cheerful good looking face in the website. I can’t imagine such a young guy deserve to be killed. Maybe also for that reason people felt upset for the accident. They gathered outside of police building requested for an explanation. It is said for a few hours police ignored those people totally. The peaceful protest turned to be riot when a girl was knocked down in the floor and was bit up by the policemen. The girl threw stone to the policemen for expressing her anger. It just like the street vendor in Tunis set fire on him after being humiliated by policeman, a butterfly effect was created.

British government now has the headache of handling riot in the street like the other countries have. They are bombing Libya for Gadaffi didn’t treat the violence protesters nicely. It is time for them to show the world how a democracy country handles riots in real life. After riots happen some people robbed stores to get what they want–new sneakers, bikes, and electronics and leather goods. Fires were seen in here and there in the street. There were obviously crimes that need to be fight back.

The problem is that should British government ignore the real reasons of riot and simply considered that were crimes? Obviously police fail handling things caused the riot. The conflicts actually involve with issues of poverty, human rights because most of rioters are blacks. They complain that they were discriminated and humiliated in British all these years. They have no jobs and the benefits are cut now. As foreigners they immigrated to the other people’s homeland, make a living there and enjoy the benefit there. Not like the Whites in the United States who were immigrants some years ago British people have reason to complain just like the killer from Norway Anders Breirik thought. I can imagine that British policemen don’t like to the blacks and give them troubles once a while. British should has shut its door in the very beginning. Now it is little bit late. Situation maybe is worse for Gaddafi threatens to let more blacks run to the Europe since NATO is bombing Libya. Why not let more desperate refugees live in the countries that have democracy and respect human right.

Troubles that cause by immigrants are much serious than what Western countries realized. Handful of youth guys who got no trainings gave such big troubles to the society. They flee quickly when the police came and when the police left they regroup again. As a democracy country you cannot execute them. After you releasing them they commit crimes again. You keep them in jails for their lifelong it cost money. We can’t imagine what happen if some hatful Muslins and Gaddafi supporters join the riots.

The hint is that since security systems are so lax in Western world Europeans should not make that many enemies. They should stop bombing Libya. They should learn how to compromise. They have no choice but overcome their discriminated feeling and accept those immigrants as their neighbors. Only when they treat their neighbors as what Jesus told them to do they then can have peaceful environments.