A Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama:
Your job plans are not practical for two reasons:
1) When you stimulated the consumption in the United States jobs go somewhere else because of the free trade. Unemployment problem is a global problem due to the 75% population increasing on the Earth since 35 years. How can we use American’s taxpayers’ fund to solve a problem in the global wild? Besides that resource on the Earth needs to increase 4 times if human being consume in the way you recommends. Your stimulating plan there for is not practical at all.
2) Your plan of repairing bridges, roads and schools are not good enough as well because it will bring back no actual investment return for the government. When the projects are done and the funds are gone there will be no more jobs. That is why Republicans don’t like your idea. You should propose a better job plan instead of creating party struggle.
Here are the two key points to correct your mistakes.
1) If we cannot create job positions in the market we should decrease jobs demands such as encourage retirement.
2) We must have concepts of making profit in our job plan. The best way to do it is to turn our funds to be properties.
The smartest way is to build up government own retirement homes. Provide free rental instead of releasing SS checks to the people who willing to retire earlier. The Chinese retire at 55 years old. How can we say our system is better than theirs when Americans have to work to 67 years old and have no jobs leave for our young people?
How to make people accept retirement homes? People afraid of being lonely when get old. That is why a half room in senior centers cost $3,000 and in nursing homes cost $15,000 per month in New York. In the retirement centers apartments will substitute the monthly payments of social security checks with $700 to $1,000. We provide good recreation programs and entertainments there as well. People can register together with their qualify friends and family members. They can have trips once a week to down town or casino. They can register in different states they like and consider having long vacations there.
Base on my estimation your recent job plan budget, 470 billion dollars, can build 20 thousand retirement homes with 100 unites each near big cities. The project will create at least 5 million construction jobs immediately without relying on private companies. It will be able to help 20 million people retire and left the positions open for the youths.
In three years government will get back their investment. In thirty years free rental provide by each retirement center can save 20 million dollars Social Security payments for the government.
How come the profit is so big? A small apartment in suburb actually does not cost $700 per month. People accept it because different programs create enriched life there. People in Taiwan will to pay double rents for this kind of facilities.
In this picture the Government is no longer a big consumer but a big landlord. Its tenants are people receiving Social Security checks and the entertainment designers but not the weapon inventors bring in profit for our government. Such idea can reduce the system’s deficit in long run. Properties exceed in the real estate market can sell to foreigners who have rights to live in this country but have no job permit.
This job plan can offset the poor management you made in the last few years. I hope you are lucky enough to read and understand my letter. Best wish
Pia Chan Fields

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