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Hi: I have been contacted your people but my E-mails were returned all the time. Here are some words for all of your. Thank you for your attentions. I went to Wall Street to promote my opinions when finish working in the last month. It is not easy for me to do that. Hope you give me a hand, such as promoting the job plan– build up retirement homes. The Chinese fly up when they add a little bit Capitalist concepts in their socialist system.

We need some socialist policies to save this country. Not the welfare system we are practicing now. Government should run business with income such as build up retirement homes. Besides that government should run the medical field to a none profit field. Provide free course to future doctors and nurses and pay them decent salary later in the government own hospitals. Collect health insurance premium directly. Set up quotas and provide services to those give up suing rights for the medical cases……This policy has socialist characters as well.

Rich people make money in this market and create jobs in somewhere else. This society cannot rely upon on them anymore. The governments’ function is very important at this moment and it need to reform the current welfare system meanwhile. Help me please. I am sixty years old, don’t know how to promote my opinion in the internet. We need some clear goal to attract and unite people.

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