Who are our real enemy?

Who are the real enemies of American? They are not the Chinese or Russians from far. They are the military complex that make military weapons, including biochemical weapons, in the United States. These people make America lose 30 trillion dollars in the last two decades which consist two wars related to 9/11 and a pandemic. They are evil not just because they make money in dirty ways. They believe eliminating populations on earth will benefit this globe and they are actually planning it . They are murderers who constantly create wars in the world, destroy American’s political reputation and economic benefit.
Wars they started after 9/11 killed 15,000 American soldiers directly, made 30,177 soldiers commit suicide and killed 335,000 civilians. America lost six trillion dollars in those wars and it will need another one trillion dollars to take care of 1.8 million disabled soldiers related to that. At the same time trillion funds were transferred to the U.S military complexes and contract builders. For such a huge lost Americans have their right to know: If someone in our government allowed the 9/11 attack to happen for launching wars? Answer questions listed below can easily help us find out the truth.
1. Did someone purchase insurance for the World Trade Center a short time before 9/11.
2. Was there a government order forbidding our military airplanes to patrol just before 9/11?
3. Did FBI receive warnings about the attack and ignored them deliberately?
4. World Trade Center collapsed, like explosives were placed in its bottom. In 1988, a building in California had fire in its 63th floor burn for three hours and didn’t collapse; in Philadelphia a building didn’t collapse after a fire burned its 38th floor for 19 hours. How come World trade center collapsed within an hour? What kind of construction material might cause such a situation?
5. Why did our government ignore the United Nation’s rejection and started wars immediately? Did they follow the require procedures?
They make the US become the only country research biochemical weapons. An English newspaper disclosed that back to 2016 a U.S company had already filed copyright for COVID-19 and that company sell the most Vaccine today. On June 17, 2010, the English man Ryan, Bill, produced a video https://youtu.be/d86DRn7T098 and testified that some powerful politicians were planning world wars for eliminating populations on earth. Mr. Ryan mentioned the firsthand information provide by his friend, who attended those people’s meeting accidentally. It is said those people were laughing when talking about the Chinese catching flu. Mr. Ryan didn’t know what that flu. mean when he made the video then and just warned the Chinese, no matter what, don’t get into the wars.
He said that things were not happened according to those people’s schedule but they did happen step by step later. The Chinese did get Flu., COVID-19, in Wu Han in 2019 and they believed people got COVID from a market after lobsters were imported from the state of Maine in U.S. The Chinese also believed that Europe had the virus in Oct, 2019 when a U.S military base in Italy received blood samples from the U.S Mainland. United Nations searched many places including WuHan but can never investigate in the United States. According to data Russians provides there are over twenty biochemistry laboratories in Ukraine, with different dangers virus, were controlled and funding by U.S government. However, in UN nobody dares to mention and investigate those facilities as well.
Based on common sense, the place that has the most COVID deaths must be the base of the virus. Only 4.25% population in this world are Americans and 20% are the Chinese. However, 18% of COVID deaths in the world were from the United States and only 0.4% were from China. A person in charge a TV show lost his job because he pointed out such a phenomenon.
Another common sense is : company that get the most benefit in this pandemic should have something to do with the virus. The U.S Government paid and forced all the Americans to get some vaccinated three to four times. They even wish people take it every year. That means when people died and business were bankrupt for the pandemic in world while some evil power got a huge profit from its vaccine and medicine. They made the U.S government’s debt increased for a few trillion dollars just for that.
Exposing conspirators doesn’t mean against our government. Biden wanted to have “full transparent accounting of this global tragedy “, COVID-19. After ninety days, a report for him admits that the Chinese knew nothing about the pandemic ahead. Meanwhile, the report concludes that the virus was not from the laboratory but from the nature. They tell people it is nobody’s fault and it is unnecessary to chase its origination even though 6 million people were killed by that. However, the leader of the investigate commit from UN, insisted that the COVID-19 was from a laboratory. His opinion was ignore by mediums in the United States.
Former president Trump once mentioned that he would investigate if there was a conspiracy behind the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He said that some very rich people do not like him, he once tried to control medicine price in this country. Those power are squeezing Americans’ last penny from the medical system they set up.
Americans being robbed again and again by some powerful conspirators. We cannot sustain that as well as the Federal Reserve. Constantly buying the U.S government’s bonds cannot save America. Conspirators power are controlling our politicians to create more wars in the world. For stopping them we have to unite together and force our government do something to reduce debt. How to make it? I have some proposals in my book: “ An appeal to the U.S Supreme Court and a Proposal to Our President. “ Another attached file in this email involves the same mentions.

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